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How We Buy Commercial Properties

About webuyunitscall.com  We Buy in all 50 states.  If you’re facing any of the following we can help. 

                   1 – Repairs 
                   2 – Lost Income
                   3 – Inherited
                   4 – Relocation
                   5 – Divorce
                   6 – Downsizing
                   7 – Pre-Foreclosure
                   8 – Foreclosure
                   9 – Death
                   10 – Probate
                   11 – Lawsuit
                   12 – Litigation
                   13 – Bankruptcy (all)
                   14 – Property Taxes
                   15 – Taxes
                   16 – Out of State Owner
                   17 – Units are Vacant 
                   18 – Tired Landlord
                   19 – Unemployed
                   20 – Behind on Payments

                   21 – Other  

Even if none of 1-21 don’t apply to you, we can still help We’re based in the States and take great care in helping people who own units sell their units fast and without hassles. Click HERE to get started.

Who We Are


We buy commercial properties throughout the nation.  From the start we have helped Hundreds of property owners and People by helping them sale their properties at the pace they want to sell.  We pride ourselves on presenting several options to the property owner that allows them to have the flexibility and freedom throughout the process.

This is our business and we conduct it like the golden rule. Treat others like you want to be treated.  This business is how we make a living. We always treat people with respect. Reading through the testimonials and reviews from our past customers supports that we really care about helping people solve their property problem.

Mission Statement

We Provide Options and Solutions for People that Others Are Not Able to Do”

Company Values

These values are how we conduct our business:

  • Treat People with Respect
  • Be Patient
  • Do What Your Say You’re Going to Do
  • Be Kind
  • Serve Others
  • Provide Amazing Solutions

What Sets Us Apart


What makes us different from other commercial property buying companies out there…

We’re able to pay more than other commercial buying companies in the market place because we are a full service company that handles all aspects of the buying process.  From repairs to financing to escrow and title. We have relationships with companies to keep the transactions moving so that you can get a smooth closing and your proceeds to move on with your life.

Surprising there are people not aware that they have options from selling their property themselves or hiring a real estate broker or agent to sell their property.  An option sometimes overlooked is sell the property to a Buyer that can close quickly if needed. We are that Buyer.  When a Seller decides to sell the property to a Buyer quickly it saves time and money.  Some of the savings would be that a Seller wouldn’t have to pay additional costs such as Broker commissions and closing costs.  If the Bank loan is needed the transaction does not close fast.  Generally, it can take up to 90 days or longer depending on the complexities and circumstances.

Typically a Seller has to wait for days, weeks, or months to get a qualified Buyer to close on the transaction.  Sometimes the Buyer is not able to close and you have to start the process all over again.  With us you can receive an offer within 24 -72 hours with no hassles or obligations.  We provide with plenty of time to make a decision.

Keeping your property is excellent showing conditions 24/7 is not an easy thing to do.  Having to the property at whim of a Buyer can be difficult and uncomfortable.  There are a lot of tire kickers and looky lou’s.  Some of the Buyers are not able to get the financing to Buy the property.  How do you know if the person your allowing on the property can is even qualified to close on the transaction.

We buy commercial properties fast for cash throughout the U.S. When You Contact us, you will get an offer from us in 24-72 hours or less.  We kinda work like we’re flyin a rocket ship.  We move at rocket speed. Click HERE to get started.

We Buy Commercial Properties throughout the Nation

We Buy Units for Cash depending on the property in Any Area, Condition, or Price Range.  We look forward to hearing from you about selling your units. We handle the simplist to the most complex property transactions. We’re here to assit you and look forward to hearing from you. 

What We Buy

We Buy Commercial Asset Types


5 Units and Up. No Limit Size.


Office Buildings.

Mixed Use 

Retail on Ground Floor and Apartments.


We we look at all types of warehouse unit(s).


We we look at all types of warehouse unit(s).

Mobile Home Parks

We Look at All Park Types

Raw Land

We look at 5 acres +.
All zoning tyes.

Storage Units 

50 units and up.

Medical Offices

All Unit Counts.